Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gold was most lucrative investment of past decade

Gold dealers saw their clients enjoy some of the best investment returns of the past decade, notes a recent report.

According to Bloomberg News, the last 10 years saw investors more than triple their returns, significantly outperforming those who chose to stay in the stock market. Specifically, a $100 gold investment at the start of the decade would have reportedly been worth $380 as it came to a close, while the same investment in the stock market would have lost $10.

"The fear of inflation is in the gold price. Commodities and oil show emerging markets emerging, and the rest is the developed markets submerging," the report quoted Toby Nangle of Baring Investment Services as saying.

Stocks were especially hard hit over the past couple of years by a worldwide recession that claimed a number of corporate casualties while undermining overall confidence in the financial system and wiping out billions of dollars in investments.

With the economy recovering, gold remains a strong investment option because instead of just seeing it as a safe alternative to the stock market, it is also now in growing demand for industrial use and other applications in developing nations.