Friday, June 4, 2010

Superior Gold Group - Spain hit by credit rating downgrade

Gold and silver dealers around the world are continuing to hear from anxious investors in light of a euro zone debt problem that seems to show no sign of ending.

Last month, the European Union and the International Monetary Fund unveiled a nearly $1 trillion financial bailout package for Greece aimed at calming the markets and putting the sovereign debt crisis to rest.

However, any easing of market concerns appears to have been only temporary, with the euro having hit recent lows this week as a result of the latest negative credit news from the region.

On Friday, an announcement from Fitch Ratings indicated that Spain's Instituto de Credito Oficial had been subjected to a downgrade in its credit rating from AAA to AA+, with an outlook of stable. The entity is a state financial entity run by the Spanish government.

The move in its own right was relatively minor, but combined with other recent downgrades for euro zone economies, it came as the latest red flag for investors. As these red flags continue to pile up in the euro zone, those who invest in dealer gold may find themselves well-positioned to ride out any remaining economic difficulties.