Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gold prices continue to offer stability

Dealer gold prices have continued to remain strong even in light of a supposed economic recovery in recent months. This is largely due to the considerable uncertainty that continues to surround the global economy, especially in the area of jobs.

Gold has long been seen as a traditionally safe alternative to equities markets during times of economic uncertainty. However, it may be time to revise this formula as gold continues to enjoy strong support from investors even in light of a rising gross domestic product in recent months.

Part of this is due to lingering uncertainty about whether a recovery is actually at hand. There is also an increase in demand for gold from emerging economies that are building a middle class for the first time, or which have industries that use precious metals for manufacturing activities.

"Investors want to hold a currency that’s going to maintain its value. Gold is a part of the currency crosses now. The international currency is gold," Frank Lesh of FuturePath Trading LLC in Chicago was quoted as saying in a recent Bloomberg News report.

Given the stability that gold and other precious metal investments have produced in recent years, now may be the time to speak with a dealer about the market.