Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Precious metals continue to offer investment opportunities

Dealer gold continues to be an attractive investment opportunity in light of ongoing concerns about the slow economic recovery, but there are other precious metals worth taking a look at as well.

One such example is platinum, which was featured in a recent personal finance column on In the column, Christopher Helman notes that platinum is needed for catalytic converters in automobiles, as well as LCD televisions and other products.

Helman added that platinum is easier to invest in because of recently introduced exchanged-traded funds, and he added that the metal tends to be particularly strong when an economy is recovering because of the increased industrial demand.

Investors can also consider silver as a promising precious metal investment because of the many industrial applications that require it. Gold demand has also remained strong in light of increased demand and overall economic activity in emerging economies such as India and China.

The strength of platinum and other precious metals means that investors should consider their full range of opportunities when consulting with a silver and gold dealer.